martedì, settembre 05, 2006

Arsoa Headquarters; designed by Mario Bellini

Arsoa headquarters in Yamanashi-Ken, Japan. designed by Mario Bellini
New Headquarters of the cosmetic Arsoa Co. (offices, research and development dept.)
The building is located in Yamanashi, a site with an outstanding landscape in a valley down below the Yatsugataka peaks, surrounded by mountains and pine woods. It recalls the distinguishing feature of the Arsoa company policy, through the symbiosis between building and nature.Reaching the building from the entrance road, one feels a close introverted volume almost a fortress, while it is amazing to notice how the core of the building is characterized by an empty space, a stretch of water surrounded by porticoes: a space between air and water.
The small dimensions of the area and its peculiar orographic configuration lead to the concentration of the project in a few simple volumes.A central circular volume and two triangle-base volumes, connected with the first one by the edge. These two, which are subordinated to the central building, are defined by two stiff concrete walls, while the third side leans forward to the nature by means of a curved wall made of wood and glass.The functional diversification allows the typological definition of the project elements. The central building hosts offices, meeting rooms, services and rest rooms while the other two respectively host the research dept. and the training center.

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