mercoledì, ottobre 14, 2009

Centre for Sustainable Energy Technologies(CSET)

Centre for Sustainable Energy Technologies(CSET) of the University of Nottingham in Ningbo (China) designed by Mario Cucinella.

sabato, ottobre 10, 2009

Ground-breaking Ceremony AEROspace Centre III, Wildau

Ground-breaking ceremony Aerospace Centre III (ZLR III), Wildau
Competition May 2009, 1st Prize
The Aerospace Centre III (ZLR III) in Wildau provides additional space for the numerous growing companies seeking premises in the
area around the new Berlin-Brandenburg Airport and Wildau University of Applied Sciences. The Dahme-Spreewald Economic
Development Agency is using its experience in this field with the aim of exploiting the dynamic of the region in good time for the
opening of the airport. A large two-storey hall, with its ground floor divided into smaller units, occupies a total of 4.100 sqm, and
is where engine components, among other items, are manufactured. A spacious foyer on the side facing the road can be used as
exhibition space or a lecture theatre. Roof terraces and a courtyard are created between the two office floors above. The building
offers 5.000 sqm of flexible office space for hall users and other innovative companies. The green roof sections of the hall roof
are accessible from the offices. The building forms a counterbalance to the existing Aerospace Centre at the top of the old heavy
machinery park and represents a visible sign of the change in local industry. The volume divides into fingers at the back, where
the building has a more fragmented appearance, between which are the areas of green roof. The largest users are already involved
in the planning and design process and will receive a building that is tailor-made for their precise needs. A flexible, high-quality
fitting-out scheme makes it easy for further cutting-edge users to customise their areas to suit their needs, even during the
construction period.

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