lunedì, febbraio 28, 2011

“Museo Soumaya” a new amazing Museum in Mexico City

“Museo Soumaya” schedules opening March 2011
A new art container has raised at the west part of the city, new “Museo Soumaya” will be open to the public next month. Designed by FREE Fernando Romero, this new venue will exhibit more than 6,200 art pieces over 60,000 square feet.

After four years of development, on March 2011 “Museo Soumaya” host of one of the most important art collections in Latin America will be open to the public. Its heterogeneous collection is housed in a continuous exhibition space spread over six levels. Its structure is constructed with 28 steel curved columns each with its own geometry and shape, connected by rings and diagonal series that form an isometric figure. The diversity of its collection is reflected on the diversity of the plans; each level has its own dimension. The façade is made of hexagonal aluminum modules that optimize the preservation and durability of the entire building.